“Like any market, the ghostwriter market also consists of a marketplace where suppliers and buyers meet. That already raises the first question. What is being traded on this marketplace? In the past, everything that can be subsumed in the media under the theme of “buying titles” has often been lumped together in a non-differentiated way. In short, the “doctor-makers” came out of it. Does that make the job of a ghostwriter? This simple approach is far too short. “

The supply page

“The ghostwriter market, especially the academic ghostwriter market, is characterized by secrecy and non-transparency. If a potential customer tries to get a market overview, this project is usually doomed to failure. Neither the various websites of the provider nor forums or offers can be a clear picture of the provider win. Demand side faces a black box and often fishes. “

The demand side

“As complex and multi-layered as the offer of an academic ghostwriter may be, the clients and their motives are as complex as a ghostwriter. Individual providers who think an academic ghostwriter can only produce bachelor’s or master’s theses for students narrow down the diversity of the demand side. Our scientific offer is aimed, for example, at companies, management consultancies, public-law institutions such as universities and, of course, private individuals. “