For the Master’s thesis, applicants may apply for admission to the Master’s program in International Relations at one of the participating universities and have provided the required study credits. This includes the internship as well as the proof of a compulsory semester abroad.

Plan your studies so that you can write your master’s thesis in the fourth semester.

Registration for the Master’s thesis must be handed in personally at one of the following dates in the office of the MAIB or sent to it by mail (it counts the entrance).

Decision on examiners

You should organize your studies in such a way that you attend seminars of potential first and second supervisors of your master’s thesis. Good supervision is a key requirement for writing a successful master’s thesis. You have the right to propose both examiners. The examination board decides on your suggestions.

The examiners are examiners who have at least a doctorate. One of the examiners must have a professorship or be habilitated. One of the examiners must be from the faculty of the MAIB (according to the pool of experts). The second examiner may also come from outside the participating universities. In this way, you have the opportunity to complement your care team by a specialist (regional, thematic or methodological).

Please take into account that it is ensured that both reviewers are present at your oral examination. When choosing the supervisor, you should also take into account how much your consulting needs are. Some examiners attach great importance to the intensive supervision and supervision of their examinees. Others only want to give a few impulses. In any case, you should seek the consent of the examiners before you specify them in the application. It is advisable to contact the desired examiners with an elaborated exposé.

Should you, for special reasons, deviate from the above-mentioned rules, you must submit an application to the selection boards in which they provide sufficient justification.


The topic can only be returned once and only within the first four weeks of the processing time. If the candidate is prevented from further processing for reasons beyond his / her control, the submission deadline may be extended by the Chairman of the Examination Board for a period of time of prevention, but not for more than four weeks, upon reasoned written request. If the prevention lasts longer, the candidate has to return the subject. The topic is considered as not spent.

Documents for registration

Only fully completed documents, including the proposed topic and signatures of the reviewers and the applicant, will be accepted by the MAIB Examining Office. In the registration form please name a lecturer, who will nominate you as first or second expert. The lecturer must document his / her consent by signature. Your application must also include a suggested topic for your Master’s thesis, which has been agreed with your first referee. It is your task to make an appointment early with your first supervisor and to agree with him / her on a topic proposal. The first referee must countersign this suggestion in the registration form.

Submission Master Thesis

Upon submission of the Master’s thesis, the candidate must assure in writing that he / she has written the work independently and has not used any sources and resources other than those specified. The thesis is sent in triplicate (2 copies – only punched and stapled / 1 copy – bound!) – sent to the office of the Master’s degree program on the deadline or handed in personally there.

Please submit a “Registration for graduation” (in accordance with the Examination Regulations) when submitting your Master’s thesis to the MAIB Examination Office.

After receipt of the reports of the Master’s thesis as well as the evaluation of the oral examination. Examination at the MAIB office, the successful completion of the degree is attested by a certificate. The diploma of passing the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is awarded.

Defense master thesis

The master thesis will be additionally defended in front of both reviewers. The defense takes at least 20 minutes.

The aim of the oral examination is to discuss the Master’s thesis in the light of the expert reports. Both appraisals should be sent to you at least 7 days before the oral. Examination available. Please contact the office in good time should this not be the case.

The students themselves are responsible for scheduling with the two reviewers.

Please note that you should contact your experts in good time!